Dubai Police Have a Ferrari and Lamborghini in Their Fleet of Cars. Add Custom Mercedes SUV



Ummm. Where do I sign up? The Dubai police force is big pimpin’ out there in the Middle East. Straight up multimillion dollar police force car fleet. Apparently, the cars aren’t even for high speed chases. No no no. That would be a waste of their exceptional horse power and acceleration. The cars are to patrol tourist areas. You know, just let the good old tourists know they’re being protected in style. The cars don’t even have enough room to hold captives/criminals. 

You know what that means? These cars are straight up sex mobiles. “Hi I’m on the police force. I’m buff and good looking, but I have this fancy car and no one to ride in it with me. Will you take a ride in my million dollar car?” Then sexy tourist sex happens. I think this may just be a plot to get more of Dubai seed spread across the world. Tons of infiltrating babies, learning all the secrets. I’m on to you Dubai. I’m on to you


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