Colorado and Washington Pass Laws on Marijuana Taxation



God I love being right. It might be the best part about having a blog. Every single prediction documented in cold, digital ink. Way back in September I said the Feds were going to let states test drive marijuana taxation and legalization. Well here we are two months later and that’s exactly what is happening. 25% tax on recreational marijuana use and suddenly everyone is going to onboard with this, mark my words. Wait they’re already marked right here in this digital paper. Fantastic. 

I fucking love these weak counter arguments that are coming out of the woodwork to try to say why this won’t work . “People are just going to stay in the black market to avoid taxes.” Yes, because we all much prefer to shop without seeing our product first, knowing where it came from and buying it because we “know a guy who’s definitely legit”. Seriously? That’s your argument? Its weird as shit to buy drugs unless that person is your friend first. Trust me. That’s when you’re in school too. As an adult? PFFFFTTTTT forget about it. Awkward city. No one wants that.

“A projection prepared for Colorado voters predicted pot taxes would bring in almost $70 million a year. Of that, $27.5 million would go to school construction, as specified in last year’s ballot measure that legalized the drug” How awesome is that? I don’t know where the fuck cigarette taxes go, though I’m sure I could attempt to find out, I’m just lazy. But roughly 1/3 of all tax revenue goes to making schools better. That gives me the chills. That’s so awesome I’m freaking out about. USA! USA! USA! 


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