Patriots Demolish the Steelers. Entire Offense Looking Good.


The Patriots gave Big Ben a taste of his own medicine this past weekend. Our offense just gave the Steelers the business without asking permission. Stevan Ridley was finally given the opportunity to play an entire game and looked fantastic. I think he’s worked very hard on his ball protection and carrying and its paid off. Except for that one fumble, which came from getting hit immediately after catching the ball. We finally got the Gronk Spike we’ve been waiting for since he broke himself last year. Needless to say it was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. Gronk was looking like his former self, great catches, great speed, impossible to takedown. 

Our defense did an alright job. Unfortunately we were hit with another injury as Steve Gregory broke his thumb. Since this happened right before our bye week, doctors are hopeful he won’t miss more than a game. Our rush defense was pretty fantastic. Isaac Sopoaga, the DT we traded the Eagles for, looked like a great fix for our injured D-line. He had a few great plays and looked really big. We need more big people on our line. 

Just a great way to head into our bye week. Aqib Talib will be back in due time. The offense is coming together and we’re sitting pretty two games ahead of everyone else in the AFC East. After the bye, we take on the Panthers, which will be a great test of our offense. Then we play Denver. Just so we’re clear I’m calling a Patriots win. 38-28. The Broncos defense sucks real bad and the Pats defense is good enough that Manning is sure to throw at least 1 untimely interception. 


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