The Price for Navy Secrets: Lady Gaga Tickets and Hookers


Good to know our countries Naval secrets are only worth hookers and Gaga tickets. I mean granted he only gave away where our ships were going to port and when so businessman “Fat Leonard” could jack up the prices, but those are still secrets. Can’t just give ’em up willy nilly. This Fat Leonard character had to be making millions off of this information and you’re gonna settle for Gaga and prostitutes? Those better be the best prostitutes on the planet.

But I seriously doubt they were. Its Malaysia. Is that like the land of the tranny. I’m pretty sure if I did any fact checking at all I’d find that 80% of prostitutes in Malaysia have both boobs and a penis. Wait. wait. It makes sense now. Gaga looks like a tranny. Gaga had tranny rumors swirling about. Does she have a penis does she not. I think its safe to say this navy commander, without a doubt, has a serious tranny fetish.

At the very least, make America look like its worth more to you than trannys and Gaga. Like even if you’re way into that nonsense, put on a facade. Ask for millions and fast cars and other luxurious shit. That way America gets international street cred.

“You see that US Navy commander, took like 10 million dollars to get him to give up secrets.”

“Yeah I wish our commanders were that loyal. Yesterday a commander traded our ships positions for a box of Fruit Loops.”

“He didn’t even hold out for Reese’s Puffs? That’s bad….”

Instead, we’re the ones who look like our secrets aren’t worth anything. We really gotta step up our game. I say give him life in prison. Set a precedent so people start holding out for better.


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