Remember When I Said Richie Incognito was a Changed Man? Turns Out He’s Still a Dick


So it appears I was wrong. All of you better take a screenshot of this because I don’t say it often. I read that article about how Richie is meditating and shit now. Incognito pulled the wool over my eyes I guess. Apparently, he mentally broke a rookie and now he’s indefinitely suspended. Richie wasn’t meditating he was just taking his anger out on rookies instead of on D-linemen’s nuts. 

Having played football and being a dude gives me unique insight into the unfolding events involving Richie. The latest in this story is the voicemail he left for Martin (the rookie who had a mental breakdown after a prank). People are probably all fired up because he used a bunch of expletives and what not, racial slurs all that jazz. Shit like this happens all the time behind closed doors. This is dudes being dudes. It’s not actually threatening or any of that its just what happens when you throw a bunch of guys into a room together. Granted I don’t call my friends racial slurs, unless you count Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey a slur. Then I do.

Point being is to take this story with a grain of salt and wait until more of it unfolds. I’m shocked this happened just because if you play football for long enough to make it into the NFL, you’ve definitely dealt with shit like this before. There’s just no way Martin just hummed along through high school and D1 football and didn’t deal with douche bags like Incognito. Easiest way to make him stop calling you Big Weirdo is to get in a fight at practice. Coaches will sort that out real quick and the media will have a mini field day. Worst thing Martin could have done is bottle this shit up. That wears on you until you break. 

We’ll see how it all pans out. I’m curious to see how much there is to this story. 


P.S. Richie Incognito may be one of the best names of all time. 


One thought on “Remember When I Said Richie Incognito was a Changed Man? Turns Out He’s Still a Dick

  1. Those photoshop skills are unprecedented.

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