Marcia Wallace, the Voice of Edna Krabapple Passed Away Recently



Growing up I watched a lot of the Simpsons. Like a lot a lot. I had TiVo and the Simpsons are on like everyday. Needless to say, the Simpsons were a decent part of my childhood. I’m very sad to see that Marcia Wallace has passed. Bart Simpson and Edna Krabapple were the best student teacher duo to grace animated television. Perhaps even television in general. Edna and Seymour’s relationship, the back and forth. I’ve fallen off watching the show but apparently she marries Ned Flanders in more recent seasons, so I’m sure more hilarity ensued. 

Watching a show like the Simpsons, it gives you a very timeless feel. Like even if I age and the world around me ages, the Simpsons will be there forever. They never change and even though the show has been on TV for decades it feels right that they don’t grow any older. Its pretty surreal to have a major character like this pass away. I think I kind of took for granted the fact that none of the major actors had left or gotten sick. Marcia recorded enough episodes to last for another year of Edna Krabapple, but the show won’t be the same without her. 


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