Woman Pulled Over for Speeding. Cited for Wearing Google Glass.



I genuinely didn’t think us plebeians were able to get our hands on Google Glass. I thought it was pretty much prototypes and what not. Apparently you can apply to be an “Explorer” where you purchase an expensive prototype and give Google feedback. As if they didn’t have enough money already. Do your own damn research Google!

Beyond that though, why is this woman surprised? You were driving with Google Glass on your face. Don’t gimme that “But it was off!” bullshit. I went to high school too honey. Teacher caught me texting? No, my phone is off. How could I have been texting? I just shut it off so fast you had no idea what was going on. Spare me your excuses. Maybe don’t wear a fucking computer screen on your face WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING ON THE HIGHWAY AND COULD FUCKING KILL SOMEONE. Maybe put the Google Glass down for like a half hour or however long your driving for. The internet will still be there when you get back I promise. You might have seen the cop speed trapping your ass if you weren’t buried in your Glass like an asshole.

“Glass was not on and I honestly don’t use it much while driving but I do wear.” Oh thats good to know. You don’t use the Glass MUCH while driving. Great. I feel a lot safer knowing your view is very obstructed only some of the time when you drive. TAKE IT OFF BITCH. TAKE IT OFF WHEN YOU DRIVE. Why is that confusing?

I think this is how Google gets everyone to buy automated cars and takes over the world.

Step 1. Get everyone to buy Google Glass

Step 2. Get everyone to drive into one another because of Google Glass

Step 3. Create first automated car, which people buy so they never have to take off their Glass.

Step 4. Rule the world.

This is it people. Get ready for our Google Overlords to take over the world. If you’re reading this Google, I have a lot of skills and I could easily work as an Enforcer or something. Your humble servant Captain Salami.


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