Major Drug Tunnel Found Between USA and Mexico.


So I used to watch the show Weeds. Watched maybe 4 or 5 seasons. In one of the seasons she gets in deep selling drugs for Mexican dudes and ends up running a store that is a front for a sophisticated drug tunnel. I thought “PSSSSHHHHH. Drug tunnel my ass. That shit isn’t real. Can’t be real. Who uses drug tunnels?” Apparently I was dead wrong. Apparently drug tunnels are the go to thing for smuggling:

“More than 75 tunnels have been discovered along the U.S.-Mexico border since 2008, designed largely to smuggle marijuana to the United States.”

That’s a shit load of tunnels. The tunnel had “electric rail cars, lighting and ventilation. Wooden planks lined the floor.” I thought that was bunk too! Electric rail cars and ventilation! Thats out of control. You can’t fight that. 

Why bother making marijuana illegal? Seems to me that the DEA is getting destroyed by Mexico. Just no chance in hell. 75 tunnels in 5 years is 15 tunnels a year that we actually know about. Considering the average bust appears to have about 20 tons of marijuana, I think that means just about A FUCK TON of marijuana is making it into America. At least from a technical stand point. 

Not only are we clearly out matched on this front but all that money is going to drug cartels and is 100% untaxed. Government is spending money for no good reason and not earning money that it could by regulating it. Also I feel like other things come through these tunnels too. Criminals and what not must be traveling freely between the US and Mexico. If marijuana is no longer profitable you don’t have the incentive to dig the tunnels. If you don’t have tunnels it’s harder to get things across the border. I think its time we give up on pot being illegal and move on with things. 


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