FAA Finally Takes it’s Head Out of its Ass



The FAA says you can dick around on your electronic devices whenever you want on the plane. As if this weren’t the case already. Seriously, if electronic devices being on posed a serious risk to flight safety we would have known by now. You know how often I “Turn off all electronic devices as the plane prepares for takeoff”. Zero times. You know how often anyone else shuts their phones off? Zero times. This has to be the most outdated rule to date that actually effects people. There are always those weirdo laws that never get taken out of effect but this one actually impacted millions of people on a daily basis. 

I’m not sure anyone would fly in an airplane if they honestly thought a cell phone being on could cause problems. “Bye honey! I’m off to California on business! Hopefully no one leaves their cellphone/tablet/gameboy/iPod on otherwise its game over!” The technology is sophisticated in an airplane I feel like it takes more than an iPod to interfere with traffic control towers. Huge towers whose only purpose is to communicate with and monitor planes. Probably have a little bit more power than an iPod. Just a little. 

“The announcement marks a change in 50-year-old policy restricting the use of electronics aboard aircraft.” 50 year old policy, huh? Just did some googling. The first received mobile call was 40 years ago. So what the fuck did this law apply to? HAM radios and lava lamps?

“Ladies and gentlemen. Please shut off your HAM radios. No hard drugs until we are safely cruising at 10,000 feet. Keep your lava lamps in the overhead compartments until we have safely landed. Have a groovy day” 

How did we even have a law pertaining to cellphones, when they weren’t even invented when the law was passed? Didn’t want to revise it? No probably should just let it sit for 50 years and see what happens. Alec Baldwin is probably fuming all over again, now that he knows they made him shut off his Words with Friends due to an outdated law. 


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