The Dark Side of Sriracha: Smelly Factories


We all thought sriracha was just hot sauce and great taste. Basically add it to anything and its 50% better. Apparently its burning eyes and irritated throats and forcing people indoors. To be quite honest though I’m confused by the situation here. Something doesn’t smell right (see what I did there). I understand that maybe the workers are used to it or something so they don’t give a shit but how has the factory not been given a citation?

They process all of the chilis for the year between September and December. We’re on the cusp of November here. We’re in the thick of chili processing season people and no citation? If the smell was bad enough that people were getting headaches I’m pretty sure the health inspector would have had something to say about. This leads me to two possible explanations.

1) The city of Irwindale’s health inspector is in the pocket of the Srircha makers. They’re paying him off in probably hard cash and fresh ass sriracha. He doesn’t give them a citation and the green and red keeps flowing. He’s only got to keep out of their business until December anyway. 

2) The people of Irwindale are whinny bitches, per usual, and have blown this way out of proportion. The owner bought filters people. Your children’s itchy throats are probably due to the fact that we’re moving into flu and cold season, not now that the new Sriracha factory opened up. That one really bad day was like 3 weeks ago and it was before he put in the filters, move on with your boring suburban lives. 

If this were the America of Old, I’d say theory 1 was dead on. But now that we’ve raised a ton of whiners I’m leaning toward 2. 


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