School Wants to Ban I <3 Boobies Bracelets. Taking it to the Supreme Court


In an effort to make school administrators the most disliked profession since terrorists, Pennsylvania school administrators demand they be allowed to ban “I ❤ boobies” bracelets. “Superintendent John Reinhart tells The Express-Times of Easton the ruling compromised administrators’ ability to determine what is and is not appropriate in school.”

I think there is a bigger problem with your school if colorful bracelets with a three word phrase are so disruptive that they need to be banned. It’s just absolutely shocking to me how inept people are. How could you possibly prove that these bracelets actually need to be banned. Unless they have video footage of a male student reading the bracelet and uncontrollably jerking off there is no chance they win this case.

I don’t want my tax payer money going to this either. The supreme court has real issues to deal with like racism, gay marriage etc. A fucking ban on breast cancer awareness bracelets? If I’m a supreme court justice, I urinate on the appeal and throw it in the face of this superintendent. You’ve gotta set a precedent somewhere as to how bogus an appeal can be.

This goes beyond these bracelets to school administrators in general. If the clothing doesn’t have a profanity on it, then shut the fuck up about it. Are they going to ban South Carolina college apparel because they are the Gamecocks? GO COCKS!!! That’s ok but I ❤ boobies bracelets are too disruptive. I have friends who went to South Carolina and every time they post GO COCKS! I laugh. I don’t care. That’s the pinnacle of humor. Point being, if a kid is wearing a shirt or a hat like that in class I’m not so fucking distracted that I literally can’t function. I just chuckle and get on with my day.

Maybe the teachers should take some damn responsibility. Nut up and send a kid out of the classroom if there’s an issue. If someone can’t handle I ❤ boobies bracelets I’m sure they can’t handle bright colors or fart noises either. Grow a pair people. I’m not giving up my boobies bracelets because you can’t help yourself.


One thought on “School Wants to Ban I <3 Boobies Bracelets. Taking it to the Supreme Court

  1. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    Society is finished. This is just one small example. Look at the bigger picture. It’s a flesh pit full of sex addicts.

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