West Texas Attorney Found Guilty of Conspiring to Launder $600 Million for Mexican Drug Cartel



How is this story not a TLC special already? It has everything. $600 million dollars, Mexican drug cartels, sex with the divorcee of the Mexican president. It’s like real life Breaking Bad without the meth and chemistry. 

When you’re a powerful drug cartel though why do you bother laundering the money? Everyone knows who you are. Its not some big secret. Literally everyone knows you because you supply entire countries with illegal drugs and kill people regularly. So why launder it? What is the Mexican government gonna do? Apparently the presidents wife was down to help launder it. Pretty sure you could just buy the entire Mexican police force with $600 million. “You work for me now” type of situation. Don’t use some idiot attorney to try and launder it. Just spend straight cash homey.


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