Hunting Club Auctions off Permit to Kill Black Rhino in Effort to Save the Black Rhino


Oh Texas. I can’t get enough of your pseudo-logic and pseudoscience: “There is a biological reason for this hunt, and it’s based on a fundamental premise of modern wildlife management: populations matter; individuals don’t. By removing counterproductive individuals from a herd, rhino populations can actually grow.” 

Yes. Because when a species goes extinct it just means the population is dead. The individuals are still alive and well. Just fucking beautiful logic. There are around 5,000 black rhinos still left aka, there are 5,000 individuals which comprise the remaining population of black rhinos. Dumbass.

I could totally get behind this guy/club if they were just going to call it what it is. A bunch of rich, presumably white, dudes want to kill a rhino. Only way to do that is to donate a shit load of money to the conservation effort. Just say that you douche. You are good at having money and making money. You’re not good at science. Say, “You know we’ve always wanted to kill a rhino but there aren’t many left. So were going to donate a lot of money to the rhino conservation effort in exchange for hunting 1 rhino. Hopefully this will lead to more rhinos and more rhino hunting. YEEEHAW!” Who ever their PR rep is should be fired and they should hire me. I only charge 1.5x as much as their current guy but I’m 2x better at least. 



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