Patriots are Just Getting Started. Scary Huh?



Remember what I said last week? Of course you don’t cause you’re an asshole and you didn’t read it. Unless you did and then you won’t need to click on that hyper link. Just keep on keep on-ing. 

The Patriots really tried their hardest to suck ass in the first half. Brady with an immediate pick right after a beautiful 3 and out caused by our defense. Things didn’t any better from there. The ineptitude of our offense in the first half was just mind boggling. Despite being down our best DT, MLB and CB we still only gave up 17 points to a decent Dolphins offense. Then we just decided we were gonna play football instead of mincing around like a bunch of wildlife in Bambi. 

Biggest difference I saw between the offense first and second half was Brady actually throwing the ball to the rookies. First half I didn’t even hear KT or Dobson’s name. Second half Brady started trusting people and throwing to the open man. I think he has to stop being so ornery and crotchety and just throw the damn ball to people. Who cares if it’s some no-name. He’s open right? If he drops it, its his fault. But Brady has to get more comfortable throwing to The Open Man like the Golden Days when Deion Branch and Reche Caldwell were our big name receivers. 

The other thing I want to point out is that like I said last week, we’re going to win the division and it appears we will do so quite handily. The Jets got shit pushed in so hard their gonna have poop taste in their mouths for weeks. Karma bitches. Tattle on us for pushing butts. Then just get your butt reamed the fuck out. Seems fair. The Bills got a whoopin’  as well, leaving the Pats with 2 game lead in first place. 

The best part about this is the fact that this first half of the season was just a damn warm up. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! That’s what Bill is shouting on the inside. We are 6-2. Gronk just played his 2nd full game, still wearing that stupid Darth Vaderesque arm brace. Shane Vereen is going to come back week 11 and give us some serious versatility in the backfield. Ridley may have found a cure for fumble-itis and is looking great. Aqib Talib is resting up for the post-season, no need to rush him back. Tommy Kelly also resting. Any other team would be a hot 4-4 at best but the Pats rookies have stepped up in all phases of the game and shown their mettle. I said it at the beginning of the year and I’ll say it again. Pats go 14-2. Win the Super Bowl. 


One thought on “Patriots are Just Getting Started. Scary Huh?

  1. Karen S says:

    Guess who didn’t read your last football post? It’s official now.

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