Fox News Concerned About the Face of the Girl on ObamaCare Website….Classic Fox


Somedays you see something and it just makes you stop and think, “Is this real? Like this must be a joke. Tell me this is from the Onion or something.” Then when its not the sadness sets in. Just the brutal crushing reality that people produce this shit and people read this shit. Heart wrenching. Gut wrenching. Any other wrenching you can think of really.

How in the world is this a fucking news story?! Like I understand a conservative news station wants to pick at the lackluster ObamaCare website. I get it. But at least have a cutting article about how bad it sucks. Maybe get some redneck confessionals about how bad the website is despite the fact that they’ve never used it, have no intention of using it and don’t even have healthcare to begin with. 

“Sir, how bad is the ObamaCare website?”

“I tell you what, that website is the debil! I ain’t never seen such a bad website! Must been coded by them damn Mexicans! Takin’ our jobs!”

“So were you able to get health insurance like Obama promised?”

“Health insurance? Hoooo-weeee! Boy I ain’t never had no health insurance! That there is tha debil! Government puts mind control pills in with your medicine so they can make you vote liberal! I use the barter system. “

“I see. Well there you have it folks, the ObamaCare website is still in shambles.”

This fake interview I just wrote has more journalistic integrity to it than this load of shit. WHO THE FUCK CARES!? WHO THE FUCK EVEN READS THIS!? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!? I feel like I’m in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Am I the insane one? Maybe I really do belong in an institution? I’m spinning out of control here people. What the fuck does a human face on a website have to do with health insurance???? Some one tell me before my brain kills itself. 

“Plot Thickens:” What fucking plot?! It was a face. On a website. They took it down. Probably because no one talked about what could make the health insurance more accessible and simply wondered who the fuck she was. 

“Millions stymied by face on health insurance website. Most people attempted to get health insurance but were deterred by the warm and inviting face on the homepage of the website”

Fuck you Fox News. Right in your damn face.


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