Drunk Post of the Week!


In what many have anticipated as the beginning of something great, here comes the Drunk Post of the Week! What did I drink might you ask? NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! But in all reality, its a specialty drink. I make it special. If were being honest, its a concoction of all the booze I have left that I haven’t drank. One shot gin, 2 shots Rose’s sweet lime juice (the best of lime juices) and a little bit of pomegranate syrup. Doug if you’re reading this I stole your pomegranate syrup. 

I think everyone should try doing their normal job, or something that comes easy to them for like 5-10 minutes while they are intoxicated. It gives you real perspective on how difficult the things you do are. Like right now. Writing this blog. Incredibly difficult. If not for spell check, this blog would most certainly read like a whale song. Lots of beautiful sounds, no meaning or sense behind them. Fucking whales. Learn to speak. Assholes. 

I ran out of my drink. Captain Salami out. 

P.S. Doug, I’m not sorry. 



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