Why Chivalry is Dead (Hint: It’s wasn’t cancer)



Saw a blog post going around about chivalry and how its dead and all that. Thought I’d give my two cents since I know everyone is dying to hear about it. Main point this author makes is because of all this new fangled technology, twitter, texting etc we don’t talk we just fuck. His other point is that: “women…have become complacent and allowed men to get away with adhering to the bare minimum.”

I find it incredibly hard to believe that it is texting and twitters fault that we don’t talk anymore. You don’t need texting or twitter to have asinine conversations with very little substance that eventually leads to sex (its called “talking” at a loud bar). I don’t buy that its just women “getting complacent” either. I don’t even really know what that means.

I think chivalry is dead because of gender equality. Equal rights. All that jazz. Bear with me. Chivalry, ie putting your coat in a puddle, opening doors, paying for women, was all done to show a woman that you could provide. That you would be a good provider. Because back in the day, it was expected the women would make the house and the man would bring in the money. You don’t want to date or marry someone who won’t protect or provide for you.

Nowadays you can’t even have a spiderman and a spidergirl costume without getting blasted in the face by someone. “Oh that’s so sexist. Why does the girl need a pink spiderman costume. She can wear whatever she wants.” Fine. Fuck it then. If you want me to act like women and men are exactly the same that’s what I’m gonna do. If I want sex this much, all women must want sex this much. Do people pay for me? No. So women must not get paid for either.

People refuse to acknowledge that women and men are different. There are these things called sexual dimorphisms which are differences within a species based on gender. A male lion has a mane. A female lion does not. Its why we have male sports and female sports. There are physical differences between men and women (shocker). I think chivalry was more about acknowledging these differences than anything. You open doors for women so they don’t have to. Or you give them your jacket when they’re cold. It doesn’t mean women can’t do shit. It doesn’t mean I think you’re an inferior being who needs my jacket and couldn’t survive without it. It means I’m being nice because I have 50lbs on your petite ass and I don’t get as cold. Simple physics.

Chivalry is dead because we focus so much on everyone being equal that we forget not everyone is the same.


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