Smog Causes Shutdown of Chinese Cities. Officials Blame Lack of Good Weather


Looking realllllllll good over in China. Do we need to send aid? Looks like they have one hell of a fire going on in that picture. Oh. That’s just smog? ……good? Like can people light matches in China right now or are they one spark away from just blowing up. That air straight up looks flammable. One teenager with a lighter and it looks like they’re gonna be a crater. 

The article says there is 1000 micro grams of health threatening particles per cubic meter. Thats 1 milligram per cubic meter. I did some maths based on how much air the average person at rest breaths. In roughly 2 hours in this air you’ll breath in a milligram of those particles. That may not seem like a lot but its actually a shit load. I doubt China’s citizens are doing too hot right now in this crap. 

I love the Chinese official too: “We have to manage the air pollution [in Beijing], but there is also a need for good weather conditions to diffuse the pollutants.” Yes. That totally makes sense. We need fresh air from people who give a shit about the environment to blow away all of the pollution we create. I get it! Like how when I pee in the pool I need everyone else to not be peeing in the pool so that there’s fresh pool water to dilute my pee. Otherwise we’d all be swimming in pee like at Water Country. 

This is a main reason why I really don’t give a shit about whether I recycle or not. If it’s convenient I’ll do it. But I’ll do just about anything that’s convenient. Just remember folks every time you recycle something you’re probably not even getting the planet back to even because of what goes on in China. If our planet is water country. China is like 50 obese dudes who drank too much pool water just yacking all over the pool. You are like one small child with one of those green fish scooper/skimmer thingies (you know what I’m talking about). You’re not getting the pool clean know matter how hard you try. 


One thought on “Smog Causes Shutdown of Chinese Cities. Officials Blame Lack of Good Weather

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