Polio Throws its Hat in the Ring in War for Syria



Polio making itself relevant. “Oh you guys got a vaccine for me? Word. Word. I’m just gonna chill for awhile, wait for your infrastructure to fail in a war torn country then I’m making a comeback!!” Boom. Polio coming in hot! As if I needed any more reason to not go to Syria. They hate Jews, they’re having a civil war, oh and they have polio, flesh eating parasites, measles and typhoid. Sweet. 

I bet you can get a really good deal on vacation packages to Syria though. Like really good. Who wants to go to Syria? No one? Perfect for a vacation. You can use all the money you save, to buy sweet body armor to protect yourself from all the shelling and firefights going on. I think they should hire me to be a travel agent for Syria. I’ll sell so many Syrian get-away vacations. There’s gotta be serious money in that right? Bet there’s a serious demand for travel agents selling trips to Syria. Its a hard sell but I’m up for the challenge.


P.S. See like a good sales person I didn’t mention the nerve gas. Real debby downer. No one likes that. Can’t sell people on going to Syria if there’s polio AND nerve gas. Gotta pick one. 

P.P.S. Bet those Ford idiots would fucking love polio AND nerve gas. Assholes. 


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