P. Diddy/Diddy/SeanCombs Wants to be an NFL Majority Owner. Hell Yea!


I want this to happen so badly. Fucking love Diddy. P. Diddy. Sean Combs. Whatever you want to call him he is a BOSS. This is exactly what I want from my NFL owner. There are way too many old Southern white guys owning NFL teams. Some of them are storied people like Arthur Blanc (Owns Home Depot, Falcons), Robert Craft (Best Owner, Best Team), Jerry Jones (Lovable mogul, Cowboys), but some of them just look terrible. Looking right at you Robert Mcnair and Tom Benson. Old men with huge jowls who most certainly would have sided with the Confederacy.  P. Diddy right in your grillmix. I feel like this has so much potential. P. Diddy is definitely gonna have the best soundbites of any NFL owner. 

The more I think about this the more I worry P. Diddy would just fall to the background like every other NFL coach. Sigh. A man can dream though….A man can dream.


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