Obligatory ButtPushGate Blog: Jets Still Irrelevant


Just another overblown Patriots related story that the media is gonna get all worked up about and beat like a dead horse that was pre-beaten. Lets get some things straightened out before I get all riled up.

1. There’s controversy all over the place about the league and the rule change and all that jazz. Long story short refs shouldn’t have called it. Nonsensical. Hadn’t been called before, no need to set an example for the league by only calling it on a game deciding field goal.

2. There’s talk that Rex Ryan tattled like the little bitch he is yada yada yada. Who cares? It just confirms the fact that the Jets still need to cheat to beat the Pats in the worst game I’ve seen them play.

Now for the real stuff. Game never should have gone to overtime. Never should have needed the Jets to miss that field goal. I said the same thing when we beat the Ravens because Justin Tucker missed. Maybe don’t leave it down to your kicker to tie the game. Maybe play just a little bit better so it doesn’t come down to the fucking wire against a shitty, shitty Jets team with a rookie QB.

That being said, there have been a shitload of injuries of late. Mayo gone for the season along with Wilfork. Talib out for a few weeks. It was a perfect storm of shit and we still almost won because that’s how bad the Jets suck.

Brady NEEDS to play better. I know he doesn’t have the best receivers, but you can’t miss wide open throws. You just can’t. I’ve cut him a lot of slack because I think trust in receivers has huge impact on the passing game especially in the Pats offense. It’s predicated on the receivers reading the defense correctly and running the route that makes them the most open. If Brady doesn’t trust his receivers he’s not gonna look at almost all of them because he’s assuming they don’t know the correct route to run (Note: see Eli Manning throwing to Reuben Randle for videos on how to throw picks because of this). But its inexcusable to see the open man, throw to the open man, and miss the open man by a wide margin.

And Brady fucking BLEW IT in OT. 5 years ago if you said Pats have 1st possession in OT against any team you would pick Brady to march his ass down and get a TD. Not now. This Brady goes 3 and out almost immediately. Gotta fix whatevers wrong with Tom.

Lastly, Rex Ryan doesn’t out coach Bill Belichick. People are saying Bill got out coached. Rex is so smart. Blah, blah eat a dick. We’ll see you in December when the Pats are 14-2 and crushing the division. This awful loss is going to fuel the Patriots all the way through to the post season. 0 chance the Pats don’t win the AFC East. 0%. Jets are irrelevant. How many times has Rex won the AFC East? Oh 0 times? Gee that’s a lot smaller than infinity, which is how many times Bill has won it. Eat feet Rex.


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