Thoughts on the Patriots Week 6



How ’bout these Patriots, huh? This past Sunday reminded me of times long past. When it was ok if the Pats didn’t have the lead because they were going to march down and win the fucking game. I haven’t seen stuff like this since 2007. The past 5 years we have suffered through bad defenses and exceptional offenses. We always seemed to lead for so long and then slowly have that lead whittled away until an inevitable, crushing defeat. BUT NO MORE!

That drive was Classic Brady. It’s like we’ve been watching New Tom Brady shatter offensive records, and get weird chichi hair cuts and we had forgotten how good Classic Tom Brady is. No flash, no pizazz, no names on offense, Tom just driving down the field in the 4th and scoring the game winner week in and week out. 

Beyond that amazing 4th quarter drive, our offense looked pretty good. As I’ve said, the Saints D is predicated on their amazing pass rush. They got in Tom’s face often enough to disrupt the offense and hold us to 30 points. The rookies were able to hold on to the ball a lot better this week, perhaps due to the lack of biblical rainstorms. The rookies continue to get better week in and week out. After our bye week people are going to be shocked at how good they are. 

The true hero of this game was the Patriots defense. This is a defense that can get us through the playoffs, that can be the reason we win games. Without Tommy Kelly or Vince Wilfork, the Patriots were still able to get after Drew Brees and stop the run. Though, against a better running team I would be worried, there were times when it seemed like Dwarven Sproles (see what I did there) could not be stopped. 

Aqib Talib locked Jimmy Graham the fuck down, like Skinemax in a white suburban household with young children. 0 catches. Graham got so frustrated he injured his foot, most likely kicking a wall or something. Last year Talib getting injured led to the Ravens demolishing our secondary. This game however McCourty, Arrington and Dennard stepped up big and made some great plays (not the Stills touchdown) to keep us in the game and give Brady the chances he needed to win. 

Talib has a hip flexor injury so hopefully he’s back soon, but we don’t really need him for the Jets game (Hint: Its because the Jets are terrible). Amendola got more concussed than anyone I’ve seen in recent memory. Pretty sure he had 100% no idea where he was or what he was doing, just stumbling about like a newborn giraffe. Once we heal up, we’ll be ready to win the Super Bowl…..again.


P.S. I didn’t mention Gronk because at this point its liking jinxing a no hitter, if you say Gronk is coming back he most certainly will not be cleared to play.


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