Kids with Regular Bedtimes are Better Behaved


The more I traverse the internet looking for blogging material the more I realize, I could 100% become a science writer for any big name online magazine thing and just make stories up. How does an article like this get published in the Washington Post Health and Science section. Considering you believe irregular bedtimes lead to sleep deprivation and thus impact behavior, maybe your caveats shouldn’t include: “The study did not list what behaviors were considered bad. It also did not address total time spent sleeping”. 

All this article confirms for me are 2 things: 1) Science in America needs a fucking overhaul. Can’t just go around publishing shitty results willy nilly. 2) Bad parents are 100% the reason these kids have irregular bedtimes. How the fuck does your kid not have a regular bedtime at age 5 and 8. Age 3 is a weird ass age. Like a large faux-baby. Possibly doesn’t sleep through the night. I don’t know. I’m not familiar with three year olds. I don’t know these people.

But what I do know, is that the bad behavior is causing the irregular bedtimes and not the other way around. Can’t fool me bad parents of America, I see right through your little study. “Oh my kid has an irregular bedtime, that’s why he is so ill mannered and generally shitty”. BULLSHIT. I didn’t realize 3, 5 and 8 year olds were in charge of their own bedtimes. In fact, I think the concept of bedtime really implies a higher power. I’m a grown ass adult, I go to bed when I want. Generally, I go to bed around the same time but that’s neither here nor there. As a parent, you are the reason your child has a regular or irregular bedtime. So grow a pair and put your kid in bed at the same time every night. Apparently that’s all you have to do to fix their shittiness anyway. 


One thought on “Kids with Regular Bedtimes are Better Behaved

  1. Karen S says:

    Amen for #1–let’s overhaul studies, though I’m happy to ignore them all as a second best option. Not sure if my children had regular bedtimes (definition of “regular” please) but they were very well-behaved.

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