I Hate Eli So Much. So Very Very Much





I fucking can’t stand Eli Manning. 8 TDs 15 INTs in 6 games. On pace for 40 INTs, 2 short of the single season record and people still can’t get off his dick. The title of the video of that link on NFL.com: “Were Eli’s Three Interceptions his Fault?” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! He’s the fucking QB. It’s like asking if a missed field goal is really the kickers fault. Am I in CrazyLand? 

Then the article is about how the Giants shouldn’t draft a QB, because “all those college QBs never won a Super Bowl”. Eli is 32. He’s over the hump. He never had it, and what’s left of what he did have is just an STD. I don’t even know who the Giants backup QB is. You’re 0-6. This is probably the last time the Giants will have a draft pick this high, because Eli generally isn’t this damaging and you wouldn’t draft a QB? No? Really? Just gonna get an OL and pray that Eli doesn’t throw a million picks like he always does.

Fucking hate Eli Manning. Such a douchebag. This will probably be my last post about Eli Manning.


P.S. There will definitely be more posts condemning Eli Manning.  


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