Columbus Day: New Top 5 Holiday


It could be that my raging sports boner has yet to subside, but Columbus Day is now top 5 best holiday. Growing up three day weekends are like striking gold or oil. You’re just humming along, grinding out the insufferable school year. 5 day week, 5 day week then BOOM! THREE DAY WEEKEND! WHAT UP!? Instantly takes the edge off. Instantly. It doesn’t matter that its only one extra day off, its YOUR day off. I think growing up we also saw our parents go to work on a number of Monday holidays: MLK Day, President’s Day…I’m sure there are others.

Point being, you can’t give up your three day weekend once you enter the workforce. A Monday off is a MUST. Just shakes things up. Not only do you have an extra day lounging about, but the ensuing work week is one day shorter which is almost as sweet as the extra day off. Anyone who says long weekends that start on Fridays are better than Mondays is out of their mind. Its like the difference between Disneyland and DisneyWorld. I don’t know which one is the good one having never been but I hear there’s a large difference and one is great and the other sucks. Just like Monday vs Friday long weekends. Columbus Day FOREVER.

P.S. If you like Friday long weekends better I hate you and we’re not friends anymore.


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