Is the Most Prominent Breast Cancer Charity, Susan G. Komen, a Scam……No.


I Will Not Be Pinkwashed: Why I Do Not Support Susan G. Komen for the Cure

So it is my duty, as a citizen of the internet, to debunk all the bunk I see debunkable. Especially with social media, a lot of misinformation, biases and in some cases (most cases) straight up lies are passed freely from one person to the next. So I strive to shed light on some of the posts that I see most worthy of debunking.

This post comes in response to another blog. Someone posted this link on Facebook with the comment, “Think before you Pink!”. The entire blog premise is essentially that the largest Breast Cancer charity, Susan G. Komen, is a heartless organization that simply takes your money, doesn’t find a cure, pays its employees an exorbitant amount and perpetuates an industry founded on cancer rather than trying to  cure it.  

This blog post is quite biased in posing their money allocation as essentially criminal. For example, SGK is worth roughly 352 million says Forbes. I think it’s pretty reasonable that the VP and CEO make 500k. Thats .1% of the net worth. To put that in perspective if Bill Gates earned .1% of Microsoft’s worth per year he would make 97 million a year. He actually makes 7.8 billion a year. These workers also work an AVERAGE of 55 hours a week. I think it is ridiculous to assume that people who work 55 hours a week and run a 352 million dollar non-profit would make less than 500k. Some of peers apparently think this is too much, but what the fuck do they know. Idiots. 

Another one of the authors main points is that they spend 40% on Public Health education and awareness. Given that the number one way to survive breast cancer is to detect it early, you would think he might find it very good that they spend this much raising awareness on how to do self exams and what not. But clearly this author is an idiot, who thought it was cool to look at the numbers and paint a charity as a heartless, corporation instead of learning a little bit about cancer. 

Seriously, the author is just dumb. He gets all butthurt because, clearly treatment, early detection and prevention aren’t cures for cancer. They’re just sheisty new ways for the company to fund research that secretly makes them more money and gives people cancer. Its funny because the title of one of his later paragraphs is “Prevention is the best cure”

He finally signs off showing he knows little to nothing about cancer: “…our likelihood of getting breast cancer amounts to little more than a genetic rolling of the dice.” Anyone who has done one iota of research will tell you this is straight up false. If I’m not mistaken (I’m not) 5-10% of all cancers are caused by heredity. In case the author of this shit article is reading that means its not genetics fuck face. Most cancer is caused by environmental factors. 

So in conclusion this article is BUNK! Poorly researched, mediocre writing…sounds like a Michael Bay film! Folks, if there’s one thing to take away from this idiots article, its that regardless of whether you support cancer charities and what not, it is October, so do your duty and feel a booby. 

P.S. I will accept 500 thousand dollars for the slogan “Do your Duty Feel a Booby”. Think about is SGK. I’m on your side. 😉


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