American Adults Just as Stupid as Their Children


Honestly though, this article is hilarious in it of itself because to me it implies that people are not making the connection that children become adults. This isn’t the fucking Simpsons alright! You know how America has sucked at being smart and having a good educational system for years? How our children continually score worse on tests than the Chinese and every Scandinavian country? Well those idiot kids become adults. Now they’re poorly equipped adults who can’t read good or do other stuff good either.

The article goes on and on about how these stupid adults aren’t competent and now they’re trapped at low income jobs. You know what? Fucking good. I don’t care how stupid you are or what your background is. If you don’t understand that you need to ACTUALLY LEARN SHIT to get a high paying job, you can go fuck yourself. Straight up. Fist in your butt.

Yes, there are always people who got the shit end of the stick and for whatever reason or another are really jammed in a legit situation or whatever. But for the most part, if you’re working at a Dunkin’ Donuts full time cause you have kids, you probably started down this path a LONG time ago and didn’t do anything to get the fuck off it.

America isn’t producing a lot of successful people because, for whatever reason, parents and kids alike don’t seem to think that learning, school, or general functioning are necessary for living a good life. Spare me the load about “Well kids need good role models and good parents, otherwise they’ll just dick off in school and waste their lives”. In high school, you are 14 years old. 14. If you live in a shit hole, you are well aware that you live in a fucking shit hole. If you want out, you probably want to figure out how to get the fuck out.

Americans need to nut the fuck up. Its not the system, its YOU America. Stop being so damn stupid.


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