89 Year Old WWII Vet Gets 5 Years for Being a Drug Mule

89 Year Old WWII Vet Gets 5 Years for Being a Drug Mule

MeatTalk has had a lull in posting recently, due to poor employee morale and a strike for benefits and higher wages. The strike was quelled violently and there were no survivors. 

In other news, this WWII vet just showing everyone how to be an Old Person. The reason I capitalize it is because there’s old people and then Old People. When you’re 89, you probably see the grim reaper everyday. You’ve moved on into a new phase of life and Leo Sharp knows how to live it. 

How do you think Leo paid for his 46-acre farm and his registered 168 varieties of daylilies? With social security and a pension? Pshhhh. He paid straight drug mule cash homie. He also said he owned two 747s planes? True or not he’s a registered bad ass. 

Five years in American jail? Who cares? Old Leo has been to Mexican jail. For taking “motion pictures of hookers”. I literally have no idea what that means. None. Did he mean regular pictures? Movies? Or did he actually make and sell literal motion pictures of Mexican hookers?

This is how you do Old. Learn from Leo. WWLD. What would Leo Do?


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