Government Shuts Down and I’m Still at Work


So let me get this straight. The fat cats in Washington couldn’t agree on how to spend their money so they just get to go home and think about what they did? That’s called a vacation! If I got to go home and mull over my ineptitude instead of being fucking fired, I’d be an incredibly inept employee. I think I’d have Ineptitude Thursdays, which would subsequently lead to Shut Down Fridays. Sounds fucking sweet.

If you can’t collectively figure out how to spend this country’s money both the Senate and the House should be sent to 4 hours of hard labour and then sent back to Washington for more negotiation. Guarantee you those old fucks on both sides will figure out a compromise for the budget real quick, when they have 4 hours of rock breaking and digging holes looming in front of them.

If they don’t get a compromise done after two weeks of hard labor and negotiations immediate mandatory re-elections. No one elected you to sit around and bugger off till you get sent home you fucks.

Just fucking bananas. Can’t believe I have to go to work on a day like today. I better get work off if there is a public stoning or something. Do we even have that in the Constitution? We better. Someone is getting a rock to the face today.


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