Mars has Water!!


This is it people! Mars has water. The Curiosity Rover has science stuff on it to do science stuff. It found the soil it collected is made up of 2% water. Things are gonna get interesting folks. Terraforming Mars. People living on Mars. Buggalo roaming wild and free. Its gonna be Futurama all up in this bitch. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it means you don’t watch enough Futurama. In that case, take a good long look at your life and the decisions you make. Watch more Futurama.

Anyway, the fact that there is water on Mars should spark a lot of funding for Mars related campaigns. Not having to synthesize your own water out of hydrogen and oxygen is a big plus if you’re trying to live somewhere. Hopefully I live long enough to travel through space a bit. You know, casually. Like for spring break. “Just going to Big Red for Spring Break. Biggest resort on Mars no biggie.”

Unfortunately, I’m pretty skeptical of them finding any life on Mars. But prove me wrong NASA! Show me some weird alien shit.


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