Dexter Series Finale: Could it have Sucked Anymore?


Dexter is one of my favorite shows, right up there with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. That being said I recently watched the series finale and was horribly disappointed. I’m not putting a spoiler alert in here cause if you read the title and hadn’t seen the series finale you probably shouldn’t have read this post. There are a lot, I mean a lot of ways they could have ended the series better than they did. I’m gonna go over three ways they could/should have ended Dexter.

1. If you want to kill Deb fine. So now Dexter is broken. Ending scene follows. Dexter is working as a logger. Camera pans to him. He stares you in the face. Then the camera rotates 180 degrees and he has a kill room set up. With a person in it. Ambiguous as to whether or not the person is innocent or a killer. Important thing is, if Dexter is a broken man and abandons everything the one thing he will go back to is killing. Period. Dexter evolved over the course of the past two seasons into more of a empathizing human and less of a cold killer. With Deb gone and Dexter utterly broken he goes back to killing. Duh. Would have been cool and fitting. Not too satisfying but who cares. 

2. Alternative ending is Dexter meets up with Harrison and Hannah. They have the shot of all three of them walking into the square in Argentina. Then it goes black. Again cuts to Dexter in a kill room. Maybe he’s working for Spanish police. I don’t know. Point being is that the death of Deb, again leaves Dex hollow enough to go back to killing. Tries to fill the hole Deb left with murder. So poetic. 

3. Possibly the best ending, Deb doesn’t die. Dex leaves. You see montages of Deb rehabbing and Dex on the phone with her. Maybe a little Joey Deb date action. Angel doing his thing. Everything is hunky dory and Dexter is doing his thing in Argentina. The whole point of the show was following Dexter. His battle with trying to be human, to fake it. The real feelings he had for people. Worrying about his son. All that shit is real human shit. For the show to finish happily, we believe Dexter found his way out of the Dark. The whole point of the show is that Dexter is a good person at heart. He does good things. He has a few hiccups but Joey is no saint either.

To empathize with and like Dexter, you can’t feel that he doesn’t deserve a happy ending. I think the writers missed that. Getting so caught up in artistic bullshit they forget who Dexter is. In my mind, Dexter got a happy ending. Fuck the last 10min of that episode. 


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