Ray Lewis Says the Ravens are Bad Because They Don’t Have Ray Lewis



Fucking Ray Lewis. Since he retired, he has become my least favorite person associated with the NFL. Constantly opening his mouth and saying stupid shit. “The Patriots HAD to have known something about Hernandez..” Oh really Ray? Does that mean the Ravens HAD to have known you killed someone and just turned a blind eye? Guess it does. Guess that makes you a fuck face Ray. 

“When you think about the Baltimore Ravens and the transition that they went through, they’re missing leadership right now,” You think that’s the issue Ray? Leadership? Maybe its the fact that they’re a husk of their former selves. Anquan Boldin. Gone. Ed Reed. Gone. Jacoby Jones. Gone. Dennis Pitta. Gone. Notice how I didn’t list Ray Lewis? Its cause he was slow and terrible and out for basically all of the season. Stop jerking yourself off Ray. You don’t do your dance anymore, you don’t murder anymore, you don’t play football anymore. Your time in the spotlight is over. So pipe the fuck down. 


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