The Trent Richardson Trade: Who Got Cornholed?



So a lot of people have been talking about this trade, and with good reason. Big trades like this almost never happen once the draft is over. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people think the Browns are out of their fucking minds for trading Trent Richardson. At first glance I think most people would come to that conclusion. 

The Colts got exactly what they need. Trent Richardson was a 1st round pick, they traded a 1st round pick. Big win. Especially since they have old man Bradshaw working the backfield with a broken foot. With Trent Richardson they have a real shot at going deep in the post-season. 

The Browns didn’t get raw dogged on this either though. In this pass happy league, you don’t need a serious threat in the backfield (though it doesn’t hurt). Beyond this I assumed the Browns were bad at drafting, so trading Trent in the face of a seemingly sure bust is a bad move. The Browns however are on the up and up. Their 1st round drafting in the past 6 or 7 years has been pretty good. 

Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, Joe Haden, Phil Taylor, Trent Richardson, Barkevious Mingo who has the best name of anyone ever and two bust QBs Weeden and Quinn. I think the Browns are all in on trying to get a franchise QB. Having the second 1st round pick gives them a chance to trade them to move up and get Teddy Bridgewater if they want or build up the rest of their team. 

I think it may have been rash to trade Richardson so soon as he was probably the only piece of their offense that can actually play football but time will tell. I hope the Browns didn’t fuck this up. Its sad to see such a storied franchise flail about in ineptitude. 



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