Border Patrol Agents Don’t Understand Use-of-Force Rules

Border Patrol Agents Don’t Understand Use-of-Force Rules

I am 100% shocked. Just absolutely devastated. I always assumed our border patrol agents were non-threatening, peace loving, compassionate people who totally aren’t racist. It just doesn’t make any sense to me how people like that could not understand use-of-force rules. 

Oh wait. Were talking about border patrol agents? I thought they said school teachers. Classic case of giving people guns and power who shouldn’t have either. Obviously not all border patrol agents are power hungry racists, but the vast majority are absolutely power hungry racists. 19 people killed in two years and the only reason we don’t hear anything is cause they weren’t US citizens. 

You can’t just give a bunch of guys, who blame illegal immigrants for everything, guns and tell them to keep illegal immigrants out. Just a recipe for disaster. Killing a man out for a picnic with his family has to be the low of the low. How does picnicking equal deadly threat? 
“Quick! He’s reaching into a wicker basket and he….pulled out a large blanket! I think he’s signaling this is where to drop the bombs! Take him down!” 

Clearly we only have the best and brightest securing our border. 


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