Man Buys GTA V. Promptly Assaulted for Game

Man Buys GTA V. Promptly Assaulted for Game

The irony is so good it hurts. If you buy GTA V you better be ready to deal with everything that comes with it. Buy a game about beating people up and stealing their shit and you might just get beaten up and have your shit stolen, if you’re not careful. They should put out a warning that hookers should not buy this game! We all know what happens to hookers in grand theft auto….bad things. Well worse things than simply just being a hooker. 

Which part do you think he was more upset about? Being hit with a brick and stabbed or losing GTA V and not being able to play it for about 48 hours straight? Its a tough call. I’m gonna bet his first thoughts were “Not GTA V!” and then after a few minutes he dealt with his stab wound. Good news for him is they found the guys and he has the best excuse ever to be bed ridden for the foreseeable future. “You think I’m in bed because I want to play Grand Theft Auto?! I got stabbed motherfucker!” That excuse is bound to last at least a month. 


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