Small Animals See the World in Slow-Mo

Small Animals See the World in Slow-Mo

This study is pretty fucking cool. Using flickering light to determine how fast the eyes of different animals can process the information before it just appears to be one stream of light. Definitely makes sense. You always hear new professional athletes saying “Yeah now that I’ve been playing for awhile the game has really slowed down”. Guess it has. 

This study now begs the question. Are most small animals and birds, the ones with the fastest processing, afraid of humans because of how dumb we look in slow-mo? Think about it. You ever see a slow-mo video of a human being thats not 100% terrifying. Someone just slow-mo creeping at you with a peanut. Making weird ass slow-mo noises. You’d run for the nearest tree too. “Fuck that. Psycho humans. Walking all slow and shit. Stupid ass slow-mo smiling and duck faces. Get the fuck out.” If I saw the world in slow-mo I’d run from everyone too. 

I think its now safe to assume that any time a small animal is near you and out of reach, making strange noises its laughing at you right in your face. You always see squirrels like sitting up on some tree branch like 10 feet off the ground chirping away. They say its a warning signal but I think he’s just alerting everyone to the fact that there’s a human being stupid and its funny. 


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