Bacteria: The New Terrorist

Bacteria: The New Terrorist

It appears the CDC wants to get in on the terror hype. They are tired of sitting back and watching others cash in on fear mongering now its their turn. So the CDC has decided to give threat levels to…..wait for it…..bacteria! Because we all know how terrifying bacteria are. They are the real terrorists. These new terrorists are just posers. You can’t see bacteria. They are most definitely living among us and if given the chance they will most certainly kill you. 

I just love the rationalization behind this stupidity: “…the CDC is warning the public about these health threats before they get out of control.” Yes. Because now that I know that CRE bacteria and Clostridium Difficile are URGENT THREATS I can….worry a whole lot….and….buy more disinfectant. Drug resistant gonorrhea is a problem but if you weren’t wearing a condom when gonorrhea was treatable you’re probably not wearing one now anyway. 

Luckily, this article does actually have some legitimate advice right at the end. 1) Don’t ask for antibiotics if you don’t have something that is treatable. The sniffles do not warrant penicillin. Nut up people. Deal with being mildly uncomfortable for like a week. 2) Stop giving antibiotics to farm animals willy nilly. This generates more resistance in bacterial populations. So now that I’ve alerted the masses go forth and worry!


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