Iran Sending Persian Cat into Space

Iran Sending Persian Cat into Space

YES! You do you Iran. Just going old school with it like its the space race all over again. Plus this will be an internet sensation if they have a live stream of the cat in the cockpit. I can only imagine how pissed off that cat will be. Nothing funnier than an angry cat that is NOT in the same room as you. Just making the worst and funniest noises going nuts. Cat will probably piss itself maybe even have a hairball at zero gravity. 

I love that there’s controversy over whether they actually sent a monkey into space. Conflicting pictures. A different monkey before and after launch. The conspiracy theorists are gonna be coming out of the woodwork for that. 

I don’t understand why they’re going from monkey to cat and rabbit and mouse are in the works? Isn’t the goal to get humans in space? So if the monkey did it isn’t that a better indication of a person being able to do it than a Persian cat? “After we send mouse, THEN we send human.” Really shaking things up Iran. 


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