School Hires Firm to Spy on Kids Social Media But its Totally in Kids Best Interest

School Hires Firm to Spy on Kids Social Media But its Totally in Kids Best Interest

I think we’ve entered the age of “…but….but the ends justify the means!” Look everyone wants to help kids. There’s no argument there. But c’mon! Spying on facebook and twitter to make sure kids aren’t doing illegal things is dumb. If you think for a second you know where your kid is or what they’re doing all the time you are 100% wrong. My favorite line of the article: 

“Honestly, we’re not spying on kids. Can we focus back on the problem: The problem is we’re not listening effectively,” Frydrych said. “And we’re shifting that.”

Right because trolling social media for buzzwords is TOTALLY listening. Not even close to spying. Not at all. No sir. 

It’s funny. Adults think kids are stupid, and that’s not wrong, but adults are fucking thick! You think anyone in these schools is gonna have a public profile anymore? A public event? When kids don’t want you to know something you don’t find out. 

Adults are also consistently out of touch. Like all the way out in left field. Students smoke vapes in class? ahve you even ever used a vape? Are you fucking idiot? Vape Pens? You need to heat up the weed with a fucking flame or like a hot plate. But some kid definitely just has a superheated container of weed in his jacket in class. 

Idiots. You want kids to talk to you. Maybe make yourself more accessible and less “I assume everything you do is wrong and bad and you will never have privacy, responsibility or trust”. 


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