Fat kids have health problems and have no options in losing weight

Fat kids have health problems and have no options in losing weight

So this is again classic America. These poor obese children are so fat and they have absolutely no way of losing weight. They can’t afford gastric bypass. They can’t afford therapy. They’re pretty much trapped.Wait? What’s that you say? They didn’t try not eating a fucking whole family of chickens for dinner? They haven’t stopped Supersizing their McDonalds and BK. Well then what the fuck?

I don’t know if any of you have heard of this weight loss technique. Its pretty cutting edge. Its called stop shoveling all of the food you see into your fucking face hole. Like seriously? No options? Because eating less in America is never an option. They need strict regimented exercise to subsidize their 20 thousand calorie diets.

And yet again, where the fuck are the parents in all of this? Hey here’s an idea. Maybe we think about the food the child is eating when they are, you know, still gaining weight, versus once they’ve already reached critical mass and are one bucket of chicken wings away from collapsing on themselves and turning into a black hole.

Parents: sack up and take responsibility. Kids: stop fucking eating. Fat fucks.


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