Eli has been and always will be….SHITTY


Over the course of my life I have met many Giants fans. I have nothing against them, even though they beat the Patriots in 2 Superbowls and ruined “The Perfect Season”. What I do take umbrage with is people (mostly Giants fans) consistently defending Eli Manning and saying he is good. He is not. He is mediocre. 

His stats are above average if you’re a numbers man but I just feel like they don’t tell the whole story.  Have you ever watched an Eli Manning highlight reel? If you started watching one right in the middle you would immediately assume it had to be highlights for Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz. Just consistently amazing catches on the worst throws. I was glad to watch Eli get smashed last night. Throwing bad picks and looking terrible.

I’m ok with Giants fans but don’t fucking tell me Eli is “Elite” or even in the top 10 best QBs. He’s not. Shut the fuck up. Here’s an Eli Manning/NYG Wide Receiver highlight reel:

Tell me I’m wrong. (Hint: I’m not.)


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