Grades: Do They Even Mean Anything Anymore?



With school starting I figured I’d blog about school stuff. Back in the day (as if I was actually there) I feel like grades actually meant something. Like a C actually meant you were average not an idiot and an A meant you knew your shit stone cold. Now with parents bitching and kids whining theres a lot of grade inflation. A whole lot of “I/my child worked really really hard and so I/my child deserves an A because of how hard we worked.” I feel like it goes right along with having little kid soccer games where no one keeps score cause everyone is “having fun.” 

People lose and people are stupid. Fuck with the system however you want but facts are facts. Johnny didn’t get an A cause try as he might Johnny is bad at learning geology. Doesn’t mean he’s a failure (except at geology), doesn’t mean he’s some how inferior (except at geology) it just means he failed to show that he LEARNED more than his peers. 

I feel like people forget that. Grades are supposed to be a reflection of what you LEARNED not how hard you tried. You can try really hard and be really ineffective about it and you know what? You shouldn’t get a fucking A. Maybe then you’d learn that working hard doesn’t = doing well. 

In the real world there are no grades. You have a job and you do it. If you don’t know how to do it or can’t figure out how to do it, well you get fucking fired. You don’t whine to your boss about how hard you worked. You get fucking fired for being incompetent. Maybe next time you take a class (if you’re in college) take one you think will be useful. Don’t just pick a class because a teacher is easy or the material is easy or everyone gets an A. If you do you’ll probably end up fucking fired. 


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