Tom Brady is still Tom Brady


The NFL offseason is rife with awful speculation and talk shows about nothing. Buzz word after buzz word and useless controversial articles with no factual basis at all. The cornerstone to the offseason hype has been the “Rookie Patriots Offense.” Can this group of youngsters lead by Dad-like Tom Brady actually win? Are they going to bumble around with miscues? “Group of wide receivers hatched from eggs incubated inside Belichick’s hoodie: Can they perform?

Obviously. Its like people just have amnesia or something? Tom Brady is the best QB ever. EVER. I’m not getting into this debate right now because its for suckers so I’ll post a blog about it when I’m feeling suckerish. The point is, regardless of who is around Tom Brady, they are going to be used as effectively as they possibly can be and they are going to win.

When Tom was surrounded by nobody’s they won. When Tom had big time talent (Moss, Gronk, Welker) he broke all the passing records ever. He broke them so hard not even crazy glue can put them back together. Spare me all this nonsensical rookie talk. The Pats will win as always and everyone not in New England will be shocked…as always. Pats go 14-2. Win SuperBowl against the Falcons.


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