It Begins…..



The feds have finally come to their senses. They aren’t going to interfere when states legalize marijuana use medical or otherwise. They will however go after drug trafficking/cartels and people selling to minors. 

They’re just laying the foundation! I might not even reach retirement age before marijuana is simply a regulated item like cigarettes or booze. Except it doesn’t kill you like cigarettes or booze. 

Here’s the timeline: First the feds set this up. Let states test shit out in a zero risk venture. If things go bad in the states with legalized pot, Congress says, “We told you so idiots.” If things go good and states start making money, Congress says, “Give us a portion of your money….idiots.” Its brilliant really. Plus medical marijuana dispensaries provide a model for people when they want to open their own shops when (not if) it becomes legal. A new age is upon us ladies and gentlemen. The Green Age. 


One thought on “It Begins…..

  1. […] a blog. Every single prediction documented in cold, digital ink. Way back in September I said the Feds were going to let states test drive marijuana taxation and legalization. Well here we are two months later and that’s exactly what is happening. 25% tax on […]

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