Beer Review: Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale


It happened. Summer ended. I know this because I can no longer purchase the Sam summer mix pack anymore. Another telltale sign of the impending Fall are the mountains of Shipyard Pumpkin Head Ale that have flooded everywhere that sells beer. You know why its everywhere you look? Cause its the best damn pumpkin beer around. Period.

Very light and smooth. Sweet but not overpoweringly so. Medium carbonation. Great pumpkin flavor. There must be some cinnamon or nutmeg or clove in this as well because it tastes like pumpkin pie and beer had a secret love affair and this was their child. If you don’t like this beer it probably means you’re some sort of beer “purist” and you only drink things that taste like hops, grains, alcohol and water.

Salami Rating: 9


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