Aaron Hernandez Smoked Blunts and PCP after practice?



Obviously, as a Pats fan, I have a lot of issues with this article. They portray the Patriots as an organization hell bent on looking the other way to allow a talented player to perform. Beyond that and the fact that all of their sources are not named and could therefore be made up, they paint Hernandez as a drug abusing gangster. 

While he may have been a gangster, I find in incredibly hard to believe “he’s been twisted on dust (Angel’s dust or PCP) now for more than a year.” Really? I looked into the NFL drug test policy and players can be tested 23 times year. Players with a past drug history, like Hernandez, can be drug tested randomly anywhere in the world at anytime. And you’re telling me he was strung out on PCP?

“He smoked three or four blunts on his way back from games.” Again seriously? For my readers who don’t know blunts are cheap cigars emptied of the tobacco and rerolled with weed in them. Much bigger than joints. I think this article has 0 credibility after publishing these statements. 

If he was strung out on drugs it would have shown up in the drug tests. If he was on drugs and somehow passed the tests anyway than he’s a master of coverups and no one could have known anyway. 


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