Uplifting Story of the Day!

Uplifting Story of the Day!

Football players and kids in general, have just not been in the public eye for the right reasons of late. Aaron Hernandez, the whole high school rape scandal, bored kids committing heinous acts to avoid boredom. Just downright awful stuff. 

Then this article comes along. Kicks you right in the heart in all the right places. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling and things seem ok. 

“Soon as I went on my laptop it was right there, front page,” he said. “I was smiling because I was, like, world famous.”

One of the teens, Jelani Bruce, said his dad told him “I’m proud of you for doing something good.” Gah. Gets me every time. Love it. This is what football and sports and America are supposed to be about. Building morals, building friendships, not looting stores with broken locks. I think its all in the Constitution somewhere. Pretty sure. Don’t quote me on that. 


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