Mind Control is Becoming a Reality

Mind Control is Becoming a Reality

Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Who comes up with this experiment? Not like, “lets try and see if we can use our minds to make robots do battle.” Nope. They try moving someone else’s hand while they’re playing video games. I don’t wanna have to worry about someone slipping into my home in the middle of the night putting a stimulating shower cap on me and making me do unspeakable things. It’s the movie Gamer all over again. 

I just don’t see how one human making another human move with their thoughts can be a good thing. Like if I’m totally incapable of communicating in a hospital and they strap me and some lowly intern up to this technology you bet your ass the last thing I’m gonna do is make that intern write down what I’m thinking. I’m gonna make him do weird shit. Dance around the room for my entertainment. Play my video games for me since I can’t. The possibilities are endless. 

On second thought, I’m way into this technology. 


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