Frosted Mini Wheat Crumbs: The best part?

ImageI’m a big cereal guy. Always have been. Pretty much the only thing I think of having for breakfast. Recently, I’ve been eating frosted mini-wheats. So tasty and they’re bite sized now so I have to worry less about choking to death.

I contend that the best part of this cereal is once you get to the end.  You finish off all the mini-wheats and you’re left with basically a bowl full of shavings. Some might find this texturally unappealing, but frankly eat a dick.

Just ate a bowl full of this stuff this morning. It was so sweet the protein shake I had after my cereal tasted salty. Just so were clear not all of the leftovers of cereal are good. Mini-wheats have carved out a nice little niche as cereal you can eat even if it all falls apart. 



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