Obligatory Miley Cyrus Blog


I was pleased with Miley’s performance. Very pleased. No I didn’t see it. Nor did I watch it on youtube. It did however fill all forms of social media with public outcry and dismay, blocking any and all comments about Breaking Bad. I watched the latest episode last night. So thank you Miley, for saving me from the spoilers.  

All in all, I don’t care about Miley’s performance. But I guess this blog being here says otherwise. Miley is fantastic at her job, which is being famous not music. Her performance may be her best one yet. She has generated the most talk I’ve seen since Janet Jackson showed the world her pierced booby. 

For everyone out there saying, “I hate Miley. Think of the children!” maybe you should just be quiet. You want Miley to go away then stop talking about her. I was planning on doing the same kind of performance, you know, with the thongs and the twerking and the teddy bears fisting me and right before I scheduled the date I cancelled. You know why? Cause no one gives a fuck if a teddy bear fists me on stage. No one. 

So shut up. 


P.S. If millions of people will read my blog and give me money and attention I will in fact host that bear show. Just let me know people. I’ve got the outfit picked out and everything…


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